REVOLUSIS is a populist graphic novel in Bahasa Malaysia for teenage girls that is centred on girl-power, that girls can do great things with the right support. A brainchild of Knowledge and Rights with Young people through Safer Spaces (KRYSS), The creative team behind REVOLUSIS comprise six feminist writers and a graphic novelist artist who broke the rules in solidarity. The first issue, “REVOLUSIS: Pencetusan”, was developed with the support of the Canadian Embassy through EMPOWER. The graphic novel introduces five teenage girls who are shocked to find out about their school mate who got married to an older man, left school and is pregnant. They are also forced to face how acceptable sexual harassment is within society.

REVOLUSIS is the first known graphic novel or creative fiction that adopts a collective approach to writing. This writing approach and experience could help inform on participatory ways of developing such creative resources and/or tools for advocacy, awareness-raising and gender-sensitisation of the public.

The first issue of REVOLUSIS was published by Gerak Budaya and was launched on 31stMarch 2018. 

The graphic novel can be purchased at Gerak Budaya store and online.