#REVOLUSIS School Tour

REVOLUSIS goes to Sjkt Bayan Lepas Penang!

We had 36 children, 10 to 12 year-olds, tell us what they thought of “REVOLUSIS: Pencetusan”, the first issue of a Malay language graphic novel that touches on complex issues of sexual harassment and child marriage.

In an activity designed by one of the #REVOLUSIS authors and training team leader Illya Sumanto, the children were so eager to defend their school and mates against the likes of “DJ Koko”, a sexual harasser in the graphic novel who married a 15-year-old. Children, both boys, and girls, said that it’s not right for someone as old as DJ Koko to marry a 15-year-old. Children said a 15-year-old should be in school. One child equated it to rape. The child may not have fully understood what rape is, but clearly, she knew it was wrong.

These conversations, though so very brief, do point to the need for comprehensive sexual education that deals with consent, privacy, and respect to be taught in schools. One that is fact-based, and children are never too young to learn these things. It’s how we teach them.

Thanks to the headmaster, Mr. Sangga Sinnayah for his support, as well as to the teachers and all of Sjkt Bayan Lepas Penang! Our team had a wonderful time running various activities with the children.

This would not have been possible without the invaluable support of the High Commission of Canada in Malaysia. Thanks for believing in us! 30 copies of the graphic novel were provided to the school as teaching material, and two copies of the second issue, “REVOLUSIS: Pergolakan” were placed in their library.

Achievement Unlocked: REVOLUSIS! There’s no other graphic novel like it! It breaks down difficult issues into simple terms.

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