CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Micro-grant for Southeast Asian feminist network

What is it all about?

Spearheaded by KRYSS Network (Malaysia), Jakarta Feminists Association (Indonesia) and Gantala Press (Philippines), this initiative aims to strengthen our collective action for feminist organising and gender equality. 30 groups/collectives from the three countries will be selected to be part of this SEA feminist networks. Selected members will receive a micro-grant for a short term project, along with capacity-building and networking opportunities coordinated by KRYSS Network.

Who can apply?

  • Anybody currently involved with a grassroots feminist organisation, community, or informal collective can apply.
  • Individuals can apply under the name of their chosen initiative or project
  • Work from a feminist and/or women’s/LGBT’s rights perspective
  • Led by women, girls, trans people, queer, non-binary and/or intersex
  • Priority will be given to grassroots or young organisation/community/collective with limited resources.
  • In Malaysia, 10 initiatives will be awarded a micro-grant not exceeding RM600 per application, per recipient.
  • Applicants may decide to collaborate with one another to optimise the impact of the grant. Please ensure that your application includes the names of your collaborators who will also have to put in applications, elaborating on the expected synergy and impact.

What are some examples of projects or initiatives that are eligible under these areas?

  • Research, monitoring and data collection to fill in the gaps left by government and non-profit organisations. Marginalised groups may benefit from tangible data and analysis to combat critical issues which affect them.
  • Initiatives to support survivors. For example in situations of sexual violence, police brutality, and state-sponsored discrimination.
  • Community building initiatives to strengthen solidarity and support within a marginalised community, and combat the isolation that so many face when constantly confronted by situations of injustice and discrimination.
  • Safety and security initiatives. For example, improving physical and even digital security measures that affect at-risk groups.
  • Policy advocacy initiatives. Have you ever started or signed a petition? Perhaps you would like to receive training in how to translate those efforts to tangible law and policy changes, or how to effectively lobby the government into taking up your cause seriously.
  • Public education initiatives. For example:
    • Writing, creating and recording written, visual or audio explainers / toolkits that aim to unpack critical issues in an accessible way, or to equip the public with actionable steps when they are faced with dangerous or discriminatory situations.
    • Translating important texts from English to Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, Indian and East Malaysian dialects, or translating academic language into more relatable and digestible content.
    • Covering software costs to facilitate online, remote projects, i.e. for a book club or discussion group, conducting webinars or online camps focused education or capacity / skill-building. Think: video conferencing software like premium Zoom, virtual whiteboarding software like Miro.

Sounds exciting! How can I apply?

  • Follow the link to our SurveyMonkey form and send us your applications:
  • Closing date: 30 September 2020

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