From March all the way to October 2021, KRYSS Network is running a “virtual workshop roadshow” where we make an open call to event and community organisers to invite us to jointly host a virtual workshop on digital rights and online gender-based violence with their organisation/society/collective or just a group of friends. These workshops would allow us to unpack the issues in ways that is easier to understand for the target audience in a safe space and simultaneously address their questions and listen to their views without judgment. 

We aim to share our knowledge on the issue of online gender-based violence with the community in hopes that through this workshop, more people will be able to acknowledge the existence of online gender-based violence and its impact. Every day, women and girls continued to be violated and degraded by perpetrators online. The safe digital space for women and girls is technically on thin ice. Hence, this isn’t an issue we should skate by or take lightly of.

Everyone is welcome to apply! Whether you are part of a club, society, or someone who is keen to gather a few friends of not more than 20 people for a 2-hours session to better understand what is online gender-based violence, we welcome anyone with different understandings of gender equalities and feminisms.

Once you have registered your interest with us, we will be in touch with you to discuss the best time, date, platform, methodology, and agenda for the workshop. The agenda will be designed in ways that suit the needs of your groups. We adopt the principles of inclusivity, non-discriminatory, openness, and diversity in all our spaces.