Feminist Internet Research Network (FIRN) Campaign

Illustrated/ Designed by Ly Ann

In Malaysia, and to some extent, globally, gender inequality is often and rightly addressed in terms of GBV and gender discriminatory impacts. However, the impact of gender inequality in relation to freedom of opinion and expression is largely unaddressed. A framework for unrestrained freedom of opinion and expression means very little to women if it ignores the inherent unequal power dynamics in our access to human rights and equal protection under the law.

As part of our ongoing efforts to enable equal access to freedom of opinion and expression across genders and to provide analysis of the access and exercise of this right from a feminist and gender perspective, KRYSS Network conducted a research to examine the inherent inequalities in women’s access to freedom of opinion and expression, and the ways in which their exercise of this freedom invites online gender-based violence.

The research is then disseminated through a series of infographics as well as a one-hour-half online discussion that discusses the following topics:

  1. The unequal access to freedom of expression based on one’s gender identity and sexual orientation;
  2. How online gender-based violence is a manifestation of that unequal power structure;
  3. How this intersection of power, expression, and violence plays out on social media platforms

The infographic series can be found on our Instagram. For the Malay language version, you can find them on our Facebook.

To read the research summary, click here.

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