Despite the many years of progress made by women’s rights movement, bodily autonomy still remains elusive for millions of women and girls around the world. According to the UNFPA’s ‘My Body is My Own’ report, nearly half of all women in 57 countries are denied bodily autonomy. In our society, bodily autonomy is regarded as a ‘western concept’ rather than a fundamental right. Not to mention, when the subject of bodily autonomy is brought up, it is frequently linked to reproductive and sexual rights. However, little has been realized that the denial of women and girls’ bodily autonomy has increasingly infringed on their daily lives where they are shamed for merely being confident in their own skin or for carrying out mundane activities such as exercising.

In the fourth episode of GOSSIP, we talked about the patriarchal society’s long-held perspective of women and girls’ bodies, the shame surrounding femininity, and the measures forward to empower women and girls’ bodily autonomy. Join us in recognizing the importance of bodily autonomy as a human right that will benefit not just women and girls but all people.

(Featuring: Student and TikTok Creator, Mei and @goodkidsmy’s Communication and Media Officer as well as emerging Spoken Word Artist, Kasthury Paramiswaran)

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