For 2021, we centered our 16 Days of Activism campaign on celebrating and amplifying the voices of 5 women from different lived realities, who are resilient and unflinching in the pursuit of justice and equality. We worked with fellow illustrator, Sunita Soh who helped us bring our vision to life.

Check out our campaign and read the full stories of these five women here:

Campaign Launch (Comic)

“Freedom of opinion and expression is a human right that is not distributed equally and fairly.” We have seen the persistent push to suppress and control women’s voices, agency, and experiences in our everyday lives. This silencing and controlling of women’s autonomy is done violently (ex. domestic violence, hate speech, rape threats, harassment, etc.) yet…

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Christyne Surindai

“Gender issues are political issues. Our foremothers faced discrimination throughout their lives because their issues were never taken seriously. I am who I am today because of the road that they have paved for me. For a gender-equal and inclusive country, I will continue to fight so that my generation does not have to suffer…

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Rachel Ng

“The Malaysian government has to end the suffering of many mothers and children who are impacted by the gender-discriminatory nationality law. It’s tragic to see that they repeatedly choose to turn a blind eye towards how families are being torn apart by this discrimination. Please do the right thing and treat Malaysian men and women…

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Megan Steven

“My gender does not define my capabilities.” – Megan Steven, Transgender Activist Megan’s Story In 2013, I made a video about the challenges and capabilities of a transwoman. In November 2014, I was invited by a friend who worked at Radio Television Malaysia to speak on a live show about transgender issues. Since then I…

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“Never let your past overcome your present, which will sabotage your future. Be the queen of your own kingdom and never let anyone rule it.” – Amber, Community-Based Advocate for Pakistani Refugees Amber’s Story It is difficult for anyone to speak about their experiences of having to run from their home country but today I…

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Shanthi Dairiam

“Commitment, dedication, focus and mobilizing the affected, amplifying their voice, making visible their reality is the basis of lasting social change.” – Shanthi Dairiam, Women’s Human Rights Activist and Equality Specialist Shanthi’s Message Globally, women’s rights groups have come together to undertake various forms of activism for the promotion, protection, and fulfillment of women’s rights.…

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