Virtual Workshop Roadshow: Berani Soal (2022)

Our virtual workshop roadshow is back again! This time, rebranded with a brand new name ‘Berani Soal’ to reflect the purpose and nature of the program.

From online gender-based violence to feminist principles of the Internet, digital rights, and cancel culture and transformative justice, let us know what topics you would like to learn and we can collaboratively build an agenda that responds to your participants’ needs.

Whether you are part of a club, society, or someone who is keen to gather a few friends for a session to better understand and unpack issues from a feminist lens, we welcome anyone with different understandings of gender equalities and feminism. If you are an individual, feel free to reach out to us and let us know how we can include you!

More information about the workshop can be found in our posts.

Register your interest with us here!

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