Episode 9: Riding Social Media Algorithms

Host: Angela M. Kuga Thas

Featuring Guest Speakers: Ratna, Fat Liberationist and Syar S. Alia, Activist and Writer

As a virtual public space, social media has been harnessed by activists to call out patriarchal norms, share rights-based gender content, and build movements for change. It has been regarded as an empowering space for feminist activism.

But we see how our online world mirrors the physical world. Women’s visibility and expression on social media are often burdened by the risks of hate and harassment. From the dominance of misogynistic content to the experiences of shadowbanning or abuse towards women online, we have seen how online spaces are fertile ground for harmful political ideologies and activity.

In this episode, we unpick if the design of social media is really neutral, if the infrastructure of social media shapes gender norms and plays a part in the online gender-based violence women faced.

Are social media algorithms tools of marketing or a mirror of patriarchy? Do algorithms interfere with our freedom of expression, especially when we post content that is ‘objectionable’ in the general public eyes (ex. human rights issues)? Do they reinforce existing disparities and discriminatory practices in our day-to-day lives? How do we then navigate them? These are just some of the questions we unpack in this latest episode.

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These are the personal opinions of the speakers and do not necessarily represent the views of their organizations or institutions.

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