Our Story

KRYSS Network began 18 years ago as a voluntary collective that is passionate about creating safer spaces for young people who are often denied opportunities and considered “too young” to join in the social activism scene to discuss issues they faced.

We started off with the fascination of how stories of others’ lived realities weave into our own narratives and sometimes become so embedded within us. We truly believe that if we can appreciate each other’s life experiences, we would be better able to bring about a nation that’s inclusive at so many levels.

Over the years, we got diverse peoples to understand each other across religion, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality. We conduct research to deepen our understanding of issues of identity, alienation, condemnation, and deliberate violence. We also build capacities of many who after which have not only the knowledge of human rights and who embraced the principles and values of equality, non-discrimination, diversity, respect, dignity and choice, space for discourse, and to move us to richer conversations and more substantive dialogues. We do all of this with the belief that every person is a potential catalyst of the nation we want to see, a nation rich in diversity, and most importantly, sincere in communicating across differences.

As of 28 August 2018, KRYSS Network is registered as a non-profit, limited liability partnership (LLP) as we felt that an LLP framework helped provide for a more inclusive and participatory organisational culture, allowing for decision-making and responsibility for the organization to lie directly with those who do the work on the ground.

(PS. Fun fact: Our name was created in a coffee shop!)


We are committed to a world where all peoples, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, age or any other status, are aware of and able to fully exercise their freedom of opinion and expression, public participation and bodily autonomy that is premised on gender equality, non-discrimination and feminist principles.


We work towards increasing the individual and collective agency of all, but especially women, young women, and gender non-conforming persons, in the full exercise of their freedom of opinion and expression through conscious strategy development that is supported by evidence-based knowledge, networking, and advocacy; and guided by feminist and human rights principles of upholding dignity, equality, diversity, respect, and choice.