KRYSS envisions a world where all peoples, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, age or any other status, are aware of and able to fully exercise their freedom of opinion and expression, public participation and bodily autonomy that are premised on gender equality, non-discrimination and feminist principles.

KRYSS focuses on three key areas of change in trying to enable equal access and the right to freedom of opinion and expression for all, especially women/girls and gender non-conforming persons. These three key areas of change are:

KRYSS’s inclusive and intersectional work approach therefore centres on “knowledge”, “voice” and “collective action”. The first of three strategic approaches has the dominant theme of “knowledge” and seeks to enhance human rights advocacy and communication strategies through knowledge-building towards ensuring equality and non-discrimination in Malaysia. The second embraces “voice” and focuses on expanding the discursive space for equality, non-discrimination and human rights in the country. The third strategic approach is about movement-building and focuses on strengthening collective action, recognising and acknowledging that every single woman, man and gender diverse person is a catalyst for social change. All three strategic approaches have a deliberate emphasis on gender.

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