Deep Dives

This section features the voices of our team, where we deep dive into the state of freedom of expression from a gender lens unpacking gender inequalities and discrimination in our nation. This is where we ask difficult questions on the limitations and blindspots of the human rights and social justice movement; where we unapologetically demand a world that is just, equal, and safe for people in all diversity.

Overview of Monitoring and Documentation of Online Gender-Based Violence for Year 2021

Illustration by Shan May Written by Nisa Rawi Edited by Angela M. Kuga Thas and Serene Lim This is an overview of KRYSS Network’s monitoring and documentation of online gender-based violence (OGBV) cases in Malaysia for 2021. We take note of cases where victims approach us for support or when we discover OGBV cases through […]

Making of a Just, Equal, Post COVID-19 World

Picture Taken from Transdirect This particular period, our experience of COVID-19 and the Movement Control Order (MCO), as many others have also pointed out, has made visible and felt throughout the world what some of us have long realised, that our economic system is incredibly flawed.  Many more of us may have also noticed that […]

Pictures of Equality

Picture Taken from United Nations Written by Angela M. Kuga Thas Most of us cannot imagine what equality looks like in real terms. So it may help to think about and recall situations when we felt equal to someone else who appeared to have more power, more influence, more opportunities, more privileges, and so on. […]

What is Equality?

Picture Taken From The Independent Written by Angela M. Kuga Thas How do we begin to understand equality in a world where there are too few examples of what equality looks like? Too often, men and women would misunderstand “equality” as “equal treatment”, such as below: It is very important to bear in mind that […]

Jin Chi’s Transformation – [Mata Hati Kita]

Tan Jin Chi (July 2016) bravely shares his internal transformation after reading Mata Hati Kita. “As I ventured into the 3rd year of my law degree, I could really feel my passion in upholding and defending fundamental human rights. Women’s rights is my favorite topic to talk about, I find myself constantly advocating and educating others regarding […]

International Women’s Day

Picture Taken from Religion News Service Written by Angela M. Kuga Thas This International Women’s Day, I wanted to share some thoughts. Our struggle for gender equality remains a major challenge despite years of speaking the truth to power. Unfortunately, most men who have yet to check their privilege, don’t get it, and some deliberately […]