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Welcome to GOSSIP! KRYSS Network’s very own podcast where alternative perspectives make sense. Join our monthly conversations as we unpack our local state of affairs with a gender lens, and of course, a dose of fun!

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Episode 5: Future of Work (Part One)

Digitalization and globalization have resulted in significant changes in our way of life and work. For some, this has meant significant improvements in productivity and efficiency. For others, it has meant increased vulnerability and costs. The situation is now made…

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Episode 4: Women and Girls’ Bodily Autonomy

Despite the many years of progress made by women’s rights movement, bodily autonomy still remains elusive for millions of women and girls around the world. According to the UNFPA’s ‘My Body is My Own’ report, nearly half of all women…

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Episode 3: Online Gender-based Violence

Often wrongly argued as part and parcel of “freedom of expression”, online gender-based violence is the systemic tool used in denying the lived realities, identities, and opinions of women and marginalized communities who challenge the dominant status quo. It is…

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Episode 2: Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value

Most people see that women in Malaysia are able to go out to work, and so reject the data on the gender wage gap, and do not understand why women would dare demand for “equal pay” or more specifically, “equal…

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Episode 1: Gender and Media

How does the Malaysian media portray women and gender issues? Is gender inequality still stereotyped and sensationalized in media coverage? For our first episode, together with our guest speakers, Angela M. Kuga Thas explores the topic of the media industry…

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