We seek to enhance human rights advocacy and communication strategies through knowledge-building towards ensuring gender equality and non-discrimination in Malaysia.

Virtual Workshop Roadshow

Illustration from Miro One of the difficult things we found hard to articulate or enumerate is when women’s and girls’ public participation is undermined, compromised, or totally denied. Hence, we sought to shape public narratives with a focus on reaching young women (which eventually included girls, young men, and boys as well) through virtual workshops. […]

Explainer Video: Kenapa Kita Perlu Minta Izin di Ruang Digital?

Illustrated and Animated by Ly Ann Social media is often regarded as a ‘public space’. Hence, most people do not understand why people would get mad when their content, such as social media posts, photos, and personal data, are taken and disseminated without their consent. In this video, Angela explains why consent is still very […]

OGBV Monitoring

Illustration from World Wide Web Foundation We have observed and researched how there is unequal access to freedom of opinion and expression in Malaysia, particularly for women and marginalized communities. Our work, among others, focuses on ensuring safer online spaces for all peoples to freely express their lived realities, experiences, opinions, and thoughts without threats […]