This section comprises the exciting part of our work through story telling. We believe story telling is powerful means in which we can shape public discourse by mainstreaming alternative narratives.

REVOLUSIS – Fighting patriarchy with graphic novels

REVOLUSIS is a populist graphic novel in Bahasa Malaysia for teenage girls that is centred on girl-power, that girls can do great things with the right support. A brainchild of Knowledge and Rights with Young people through Safer Spaces (KRYSS),…

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REVOLUSIS Edisi Khas Hari Wanita Sedunia

We are excited to publish this REVOLUSIS special edition in conjunction with International Women’s Day or Hari Wanita Sedunia. This special edition illustrates Vitya’s, Violet’s, Puteri’s, Pen’s and Tirana’s experiences at the annual Women’s March, and they are inspired by…

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Mata Hati Kita

Mata Hati Kita took 24 first-person narratives of lesbians, bisexual women and transgender people into the public domain at a time when no one expected such a book to sit on the shelves of book stores around Malaysia. It was positively…

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