Policy Advocacy

We believe one of the key changes to institutions is policy reform.

This section is an active and comprehensive repository of the latest policy and issue papers, and other relevant publications produced by KRYSS Network.

[POLICY BRIEF] Online Gender-Based Violence: Issues and Policy Implications

“The internet is like our public street. Just because you got robbed, doesn’t mean you don’t step out again. . . . It is like asking after you have been robbed on the street, why do you go back to the street instead of just staying at your home for your protection.” Research Interviewee, “Power […]

[SUBMISSION] Gender Justice and the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression

Picture from Global Compliance News In Malaysia, while gender inequality is often and rightly addressed in terms of gender-based violence and its discriminatory impacts, the impact of gender inequality on freedom of expression is largely unaddressed. A framework for unrestrained freedom of expression means very little to women and gender non-conforming persons if it ignores […]