This section comprises the exciting part of our work through storytelling. We believe storytelling is powerful means by which we can shape public discourse by mainstreaming alternative narratives.

Virtual Workshop Roadshow Zine: Risalah Abby

Cover Page of Risalah Abby In conjunction with our 2021 Virtual Workshop Roadshow, ‘Unpacking Online Gender-Based Violence’, we created a Zine to further the awareness of online gender-based violence, its harms to victims, and the resources available to help victims. This Zine centers around the story of Sara, a 15-year-old girl who becomes a victim of […]

REVOLUSIS Animation: Sedar Diri

Dinda, Illustrated and Animated by Row Yow In today’s day and age, many people are under the impression that girls are hypersexualized and are uninhibited in presenting themselves sexually over social media. This perception is influenced by a pervasive victim-blaming culture where it is always the girls’ fault for not exercising restraint in how they […]

REVOLUSIS: Fighting Patriarchy with Graphic Novels

Cover of REVOLUSIS: Pencetusan REVOLUSIS introduces five teenage girls who are shocked to find out about their school mate who got married to an older man, left school and is pregnant. They are also forced to face how acceptable sexual harassment is within society. REVOLUSIS REVOLUSIS is a populist graphic novel in Bahasa Malaysia for […]

REVOLUSIS: Edisi Khas Hari Wanita Sedunia

We are excited to publish this REVOLUSIS special edition in conjunction with International Women’s Day or Hari Wanita Sedunia. This special edition illustrates Vitya’s, Violet’s, Puteri’s, Pen’s, and Tirana’s experiences at the annual Women’s March, and they are inspired by the real-life documentation of discrimination and violence faced by women and girls at the marches in […]

Mata Hati Kita

Cover Page of Mata Hati Kita “Some stories need telling, and they need to be heard.” – Mata Hati Kita/ The Eyes of Our Hearts, Angela M. Kuga Thas (Editor) & Jac sm Kee (Editor) Mata Hati Kita took 24 first-person narratives of lesbians, bisexual women, and transgender people into the public domain at a time […]