REVOLUSIS – Fighting patriarchy with graphic novels

REVOLUSIS is a populist graphic novel in Bahasa Malaysia for teenage girls that is centred on girl-power, that girls can do great things with the right support. A brainchild of Knowledge and Rights with Young people through Safer Spaces (KRYSS), The creative team behind REVOLUSIS comprise six feminist writers and a graphic novelist artist who … Continue reading REVOLUSIS – Fighting patriarchy with graphic novels


Expanding the discursive space for equality, non-discrimination and human rights It is very common to find that women's voices, bodies and contributions are deliberately omitted from mainstream narratives. From official documentation of historical events to religious texts. From right-wing to left-wing politics. From writing to film. HerStory Films Project was undertaken by a collective of … Continue reading HerSTORY FILMS PROJECT (2010-2011)